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The Ox Cart is Rolling
May 2009

Ox Cart Trails Historical Society had the pleasure of being involved in the visit from a group from Taiwan sponsored by the Rotary Club of Grand Forks.  They toured the museum and even had a ride on a huge tractor, compliments of Brad Schuster.  The Society served them buffalo stew with cornmeal muffins topped off with apple crisp and homemade ice cream.  They thanked us for putting so much work into their visit.  Hey, it was our pleasure.  Their visit to Drayton was a great way to welcome them to our country and city.  Now, do they think we always cook that way and dress that way?

We are working on the museum grounds and buildings to get ready for Riverfest 2009.  All the alumni and visitors coming to Drayton for that week of celebration will find many activities and events to keep busy.  The Chamber has put out a quite a list of activities so be sure to watch the paper so you don’t miss anything.

The museum plans to be open for visitors 2:00 to 4:00 Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer months.  There will be a volunteer on the grounds to show you around.  If you want to help with this project, be sure to contact us.
 We are busy working on “Bound For Blessing”, the play taken from Lauraine Snelling’s “Red River of the North” books.  Now that the activities in the school gym are almost done, the sets can be built and the costumes can be determined to make ready for the big performance.  We are all excited to be part of such a great undertaking. You are welcome to help with these activities.  We’ll start at 9:00 am Monday, May 18.

Lauraine and Wayne Snelling plan to arrive in Drayton prior to the presentations and will be staying for the weekend.  The Supper at the Soddy will again be part of this full weekend. 
For more information on the projects of Ox Cart Trails Historical Society, contact Marlys Boll, 701-454-6103 or email





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For more information on the projects of the Ox Cart Trails Historical Society, contact Marlys Boll, 701-454-6103 or email



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