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The Ox Cart is Rolling
August 2009
“I was able to attend the extraordinary writing class given by Lauraine Snelling” was one of the comments after the writing seminar in Drayton on July 16.  The 25 workshop participants enjoyed one-on-one teaching by a well-known author and teacher and were able to work with Lauraine to learn how to put their thoughts onto paper.  Lauraine conducts writing seminars at her home, “book-doctors” manuscripts for other writers and has re-created educational tapes for writers.  

Supper at the Soddy, a sodbuster home-style meal served by costumed members of Ox Cart Trails Historical Society and held at Blessing Square was also a huge success.  We were entertained by Matt Werven with his guitar and singing and guests enjoyed a meal of old fashioned stew served over an open fire, cornmeal bread, baking powder biscuits, apple crisp and homemade ice cream. Guests also had the opportunity to tour the Blessing Museum, a sod house replica and an authentic late 1800s log house.  

But Bound For Blessing a theatrical production taken from Lauraine Snelling’s Red River of the North novels was THE place to be Riverfest weekend.  Each performance was followed by a booksigning by Lauraine Snelling. One comment was, “We couldn't believe such a small town could put on such a wonderful production.  The various scenes using the sides of the stage for some of them were so cleverly arranged.  We didn't want the play to be over.”  
Here’s a comment that sums up the whole Riverfest celebration “Every aspect of the celebration was perfect.  We know things like this don’t just happen.”
The above activities sponsored by Ox Cart Trails Historical Society were supported in part by a grant from the North Dakota Council on the Arts, which receives funding from the state legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts.

 For more information on the projects of Ox Cart Trails Historical Society, contact Marlys Boll, 701-454-6103 or email





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For more information on the projects of the Ox Cart Trails Historical Society, contact Marlys Boll, 701-454-6103 or email



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