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Log House

In August 2007 OCTHS was asked if the Society would like to have a log house that was about to be demolished. The cabin was built in the late 1800s and had been occupied until the 1980s. It was in overall good condition, mainly because it was constructed of tamarack logs. However, the bottom three rows of logs were in poor condition due to the addition of a poured concrete retaining wall that was meant to keep out rodents. Moisture and leaves became trapped in the wall causing severe deterioration of the logs. Windows, curtains, and some furniture from the previous owner remained in the cabin.
The cement walls and 2 feet of dirt were removed from all sides of the house. Bridge planks were obtained to help stabilize the walls during the move. Planks were placed on the outside and inside walls next to each of the door and window openings. Holes were drilled through both planks and through the wall so 16-inch bolts could pass through sandwiching the wall between the planks. Thirteen 2-inch ratchet straps were used to tie the logs together. The house took on the appearance of a ginger bread house wrapped like a birthday gift with orange bows. The roof was removed to allow passage through the bridge at Drayton. Eight blocks and a half-dozen jacks were used to raise the house so a trailer could fit underneath. A 4230 John Deere farm tractor was hooked to the trailer and the journey home to Drayton began with two pilot vehicles as escorts. Workers found it amazing how much country side can be seen while traveling 15 mph for 5 ½ hours!
A foundation was constructed by hauling in dirt (soil from a potato field complete with 2-inch potatoes). New bottom logs were crafted and fitted and then the home was lowered onto its foundation and later a new roof installed. Stairs, floors, windows, and a new door were finally completed in 2010.

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