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The Ox Cart is Rolling
May  2011

Grandma Bridget and Grandpa Gustav have arrived at Blessing Square after an extended visit in Bismarck, North Dakota.  They plan to reside in the log house with other family members.

Recently we had the privilege hosting visitors from the 4th grade and preschool students from the Drayton school at Blessing Square.  Thank you, Mrs. Rarick for coming to the museum so we could share our stories and some history with you. 

The Car Cruisers enjoyed a visit recently and there are some guests coming later this month including the Pembina County Historical Society.  Blessing Square is open upon request by contacting one of the names listed by the door of the museum or by email.

Supper at the Soddy is just around the corner - Saturday, July 16.  Be sure to set aside that special day.  We have some special music set up for you to enjoy.

For more information on Ox Cart Trails Historical Society's programs, please contact Marlys Boll, 701-454-6103 or email





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For more information on the projects of the Ox Cart Trails Historical Society, contact Marlys Boll, 701-454-6103 or email



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