Riverfest 2001


Lauraine Snelling appearances
The Society hosted a series of appearances by noted author Lauraine Snelling. Ms. Snelling wrote the award-winning Red River of the North series about the adventures and hardships of a Norwegian immigrant family struggling to make a new life for themselves in the Red River Valley. The book series, and many of her other works were made available for sale to the public before and during Riverfest.

Lauraine Snelling gave a fiction writing seminar Friday and made a personal appearance Saturday afternoon. She also held a book signing, rode in the parade, attended the Society’s annual meeting and was spotted at several other Riverfest events.

Parade float
For Saturday’s parade, the Society constructed a float depicting a sod house under construction (featuring real sod), a breaking plow with prairie sod, and blacksmith tools. The box of the pickup pulling the float contained a team of horses “pulling” the plow. Pictures Below

“Museum for a Day”
The Society set up and operated a museum Saturday in H. G. Johnson Memorial Hall. It featured most of our collection.

Antiques Road Show
“Ask the Experts” antique road show was hosted Sunday in H.G. Johnson Memorial Hall. The public had an opportunity to bring in their treasures for identification and advice on preserving them. Expertise was provided by staff members from the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

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