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Legislative Reception


Legislative Reception
January 4, 2007


Ox Cart Trails Historical Society was represented by members Marlys & Ron Boll at the Heritage Center in Bismarck for a legislators’ reception hosted by the State Historical Society of North Dakota.  Local historical societies from across the state were invited to attend.  Governor John Hoeven and former Governors Art Link and Ed Shaefer were honored guests at the reception. Greeting letters from former Governors William Guy, George Sinner and Allen Olson were also read.  Several food vendors hosted a Scandinavian smorgasbord for the invited guests.

The impetus for the reception was that the state historical society has asked the legislature for its support in expanding the Heritage Center.  Governor Link said the project would help draw more tourists and coax them into staying longer.  He said the improved Center would be an economic and recreational boon not only to Bismarck, but to the whole state.

The Heritage Center, located on the state Capitol grounds, is the state’s most prominent museum.  The six-year-long expansion project would add space for galleries and collections, a small theatre, a café, an outdoor patio and sculpture gardens.


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