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Our museum facility has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time thanks to the efforts of Society members and many others. In late 2002, the building (the former Eagle Point Baptist Church) was purchased and moved onto a lot left vacant when the historic hotel building burned in December 2000. Transforming it from a religious building into a public museum and work space required an investment of much money and hard work. During the summer of 2003 improvements to the interior were undertaken. Smelly old carpet was removed, a storage room created, furniture and display cases brought in, and electric service installed. The museum space was painted, repaired, cleaned, and filled with exhibits in time for its grand opening during the 2003 DHS All-Class Reunion and Riverfest. New exhibits and artifacts are added continually.
The exterior, too, has undergone a metamorphosis. The building was skirted and windows repaired, scraped, and painted. Later, new siding and a new cedar shingle roof were installed. A brick walk leads to a wood entrance deck and stairs, providing easy access. Landscaping elements were added and now the grounds have gone from the dusty dirt lot greeting 2003 visitors to a lush green space that beckons visitors with its lovely flower gardens, white picket fence, and unique historical features.
Our full-size ox cart replica graces the grounds every summer and a sign recognizing Drayton’s union with Blessing, ND has been erected. A replica sod house occupies the east edge of the grounds and an authentic log outhouse stands nearby. A historic log home was brought from a location in Minnesota and installed as the most recent addition to the outdoor collection. The appearance of each of these historical structures required an immense amount of hard, heavy work, historical research, and dedication. Each had a unique journey through time to reach the Blessing Museum grounds and now each has its own story to tell.
The Blessing Museum is open any time by appointment. Contact one of the directors (see site menu above) to make arrangements; a contact list is also posted near the museum door.


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